Saturday, June 20, 2020

Finding The Support To Heal

Today I want to talk about support, in healing, in life, and in general.

Resources Of Support
As I continue my journey through the healing process of loss, I am finding resources that I am able to use to help me along the way. Some of these resources come in the form of support from friends, through them listening, offering understanding, and being able to relate to what I am going though, as well as just being there physically, and psychologically for me to lean on. Some come in the form of support groups, which I am able to utilize and get feedback from the group members about how to potentially see things from a different view point. Still yet other ways of support come from books written specifically to help those in the grieving process after loosing a pet. One such book is Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers
which I have yet to get, but full intend to obtain a copy as soon as possible.

Many Types Of Support
Finding the type of support that works for you can be a challenge. Especially so if your not the type of person who actively seeks out help when you go through something. Lets face facts though, sooner or later, the support of a group, or a friend is going to come into play. So, in my humble opinion, it's best to start gathering resources well ahead of time so everything will be in place once the time comes.

Find Out What Works For You
Support also comes in all different shapes and sizes, so to speak. Try to be open minded about how your specific support resource may look. Try not to be "married" to the idea that if your going through a loss, that you "need to find a loss counselor". There are many different ways of supporting ones self through self healing methods, like journaling, or finding a local group that you can attend which may be facilitated by a licensed psychologist. However, be open to different and unique ways of supporting yourself. For example, if running out to a store and buying paints, and markers to create something helps you to move that energy of grieving, then do it. Whatever works for YOU is what you should focus on. Remembering that everyone is different which means different ways of healing may fall into place as well.

Don't Rush The Process
Finally, remember to not be in a rush to get the healing process over. Again, everyone is different, which means what may take me four to six months to heal from, may only take someone else six weeks. Alternately, it may take someone else two years to heal fully from a loss. Regardless, do your best to be gentle with yourself, and allow the process to go where it needs to, in it's own time.

Thank you for your support, and feel free to share this blog with your friends and family.

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  1. I have shared your grieving thoughts to some people that could probably use it. Not sure if they have looked at it yet


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